a study model of a table made from one boardwalk plank of the Brooklyn Bridge


A Boardwalk Table…

Sariel Lehyani — January 30, 2014

As we spent a good part of the week preparing for a big presentation about the Brooklyn Bridge Forest project, we began to explore the idea of how the old Brooklyn Bridge boardwalk planks could be used. Truly valuable in and of themselves -- could the hardwood planks live on in another form?

This design process tests the idea of making a piece of furniture from a single reclaimed 16' plank of Brooklyn Bridge boardwalk.

We created a small-scale model of a coffee table that could be made from a single plank of wood from the bridge promenade. We wanted to be authentic in our use of materials, so we used a piece of tropical hardwood that has been weathered outside on our second story windowsill for two years, to simulate the look and feel of real, reclaimed boardwalk wood.

The result is something tangible that one can visualize -- a miniature model of a reclaimed wood coffee table, complete with removable legs to imagine how the real version could survive flat packing. For us, the process is just as important as the final product. Factor in the fun and playfulness of making with our own hands --  saws, drills, hammers clamps and very small nails -- and you've got a great way to spend a few hours on a Saturday. This timelapse video lets you in on the fun...






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