Building resilience in Motor City with the Clinton Global Initiative

Scott Francisco — June 27, 2014

Six months ago, on the cusp of an unforgettable winter, we began collaborating with the World Policy Institute on a project aimed at learning from booming cities in developing counties to help revitalize cites and neighborhoods in America's rust belt. The Motor City project -- the first in WPI's Emergent Cities Project -- proposes repurposing existing buildings in an underpopulated part of Detroit to create a resource center and supportive space for local, regional, and international entrepreneurs.

Earlier this year, we awarded our annual Culturestructure Award, a package of consulting and technical development services, to WPI's Emergent Cities Project; through this award we were able to work with WPI fellows to craft the proposal.

Our project got the attention of the Clinton Global Initiative, which has committed to being a partner in the Motor City Project, paving the way for the kind of collaboration and funding dollars needed to make this program a reality. The collaboration was announced at the Clinton Global Initiative's annual summit in Denver earlier this week. Here's the press release.

We are excited to further the design and begin implementing the project later this year!

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