Scott on community-centered development for Black Star News

April Greene — January 07, 2015

Prominent Harlem-based newspaper Black Star News recently asked Pilot Projects founder and director Scott Francisco to talk about one of our firm's founding principles—community-centered development—for their readers.

Harlem, like many other neighborhoods in New York City, is experiencing a growth spurt. The city's population continues to rise, and with it rises the need for more housing, amenities, and public spaces. Area residents and business owners have a massive stake in how these developments are conceived and implemented: they're the ones who will live with whatever happens on a daily basis! Yet the development process can appear opaque and impenetrable (which sometimes, unfortunately, is no accident).

In this article, Scott discusses some development projects currently underway in Harlem, Pilot Projects' approach to community-centered development, and several practical tips for becoming aware of and getting involved in developments in your neighborhood—wherever in the city it is.

Read the article here.

Tags: orchard street, collaborative design, sandbox, nyc

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