Summer news: redesigns + shout-outs

Scott Francisco — July 08, 2014

We've been pleased to participate in three fun interior redesign projects this summer:

- High up in the Hearst Tower in Midtown, Good Housekeeping Magazine brought us in for a series of strategy workshops to help build cross-team collaboration and support for a new vision for workplace culture as they enter a time of growth and creative transition. 

- From top to bottom, we transformed the workspace of Fellowship for the Performing Arts from a cramped, beige “DMV-like” space into a theatrical, comfortable workplace for 10 people. Check out the project here. "You doubled our space!" said founder Max McLean.

- Looking for the best juice in the Tristate area? We've been working with Green & Tonic to redesign the customer experience at their five organic juice and food shops (with several more on the way). The only problem? We can't get enough of the product and have to keep traveling to Connecticut! Coming soon to Manhattan, we hope...

We're also glad to report that our community vision and streetscape master plan for Orchard Street has been completed, and is now on display at the Lower East Side Business Improvement District offices. (And some of the new trees have already been planted along the street!) The project has prompted interest from other neighborhoods looking for a similarly inclusive planning process -- more on that soon!

Lastly, a shout-out is in order for just a few of the dedicated folks who’ve been getting their hands dirty with us this summer, working on projects that make a difference:

- Junior architects Laura Carlson and Jason Joseph have provided anchoring design talent throughout the winter and spring

- We’ve recently been collaborating with excellent architect Peter Rudd in our urban design and retail practice

- And joining us for the summer on our urban planning work are Jarrett Ley, formerly from the Municipal Art Society, and Andrew Renninger, who is pursuing a PhD in planning at Columbia

Welcome and thank you one and all!

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