Aerial view of Green Hub LES Lower East Side Bike parking structure


"Project design" — from ideation to implementation — is at the heart of everything Pilot Projects does. In addition to commissioned client work, we invent integrative projects that turn pressing systems challenges into development opportunities. 

Orchard Street | Streetscape Co-Design

This iconic street needed infrastructure upgrades and a new vision. Partnering with the Lower East Side Business Improvement District, we brought local merchants, property owners, and residents, together to create a plan for bicycle parking, pedestrian plazas and tree plantings.

Design conception: 2013
Budget: Undisclosed
Process: Community Planning Workshop, Feb. 19, 2014, Construction, spring 2014

Essex Street | Green Hub

Parking garages that do nothing but store cars need to step up. We propose adding secure, staffed bike parking; solar-electric stations; a community roof garden; coffee; and more.

Design conception: 2012
Budget: Undisclosed
Process: Currently seeking NY State funding

Bowery Mission Harlem | New Hope Community Center

Bowery Mission expands to serve Spanish Harlem. Pilot Projects hired to design ground floor community co-working space, help desk, and a professional services clinic.

Design conception: March, 2013
Budget: $200K
Process: Phase One construction complete

Brooklyn Bridge Forest

Preserve a landmark. Protect a rainforest. Cultivate a global partnership.

Design conception: 2008-2013
Budget: $5M - $20M
Process: Collaborating with @MASNYC and the Wildlife Conservation Society

Fellowship for the Performing Arts | Workplace Co-Design

Lose the “DMV-ness,” gain personality for a small mid-town theater company.

Design conception: Summer 2013
Budget: $50K
Process: Sandbox strategy and planning with custom workplace re-design and build

charity: water | Workplace Co-Design

High-performance non profit challenge: add 30 staff to existing SoHo workplace.

Design conception: Jan. 2013
Budget: $50K
Process: Sandbox strategy and planning with custom furniture design

Norfolk Street | Pop-up Retail Development

Our proposal for the LES BID explores ways to help very small businesses exploit an under-used site along an increasingly busy stretch off Rivington Street.

Design conception: June 2013
Budget: $1M
Process: Design development underway

Gowanus Canal | Modular Floodplain

The bio-industrial armature we proposed for Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal used 40 shipping containers holding bio-remediation wetland plants and soil to clean sewer overflow waste water.

Design conception: Dec. 2012
Budget: Undisclosed
Process: Awarded Honorable Mention for Urban Ecology

Battery Park | Chair Design

These park chairs were designed to smooth the Battery Park Lawn as people moved them around.

Design conception: Nov. 2012
Budget: NA
Process: Submitted to "Draw up a Chair" Design Competition

100 Fountains

On the streets of NYC our great drinking water goes largely untapped. We aim to change that with drinking fountains that part of daily life.

Design conception: 2010-2012
Budget: $9M
Process: Research completed 2012. Seeking city approvals. “Respect the Fountain” performance: Aug. 2012. Will be presented at @MASNYC Summit for New York City in Oct. 2013.

Bike Rescue

What a waste, what an opportunity! A project to identify, reclaim, recycle and restore New York City’s abandoned bicycles.

Design conception: 2012-2013
Budget: $1M (annual) LES Pilot: $100,000
Process: In discussion with City officials, LES BID and cycling orgs.

Power Playground

What if you could do more at an interstate rest stop than just rest? The Power Playground is a kinetic sculpture that uses your workout to power an air compressor.

Design conception: 2010
Budget: Estimated unit cost $20 - $50K
Process: In design development phase. Seeking funding partner

The Handbag Reimagined

Can the purse be redesigned to be more useful, more adaptable, and less expensive? Pilot Projects intern Anne Chen pursued a structural approach.

Design conception: 2013
Budget: NA
Process: First prototypes complete. Further exploration pending.

DIY NYC Cat Fort

Can a feral cat shelter in Central Park provide an opportunity for hands-on learning? Here is Pilot Projects’ contribution to the Architects for Animals annual charity event, hosted by Steelcase.

Design conception: 2013
Budget: $2
Process: Research based on extensive fort-building and wilderness survival training. Not seeking city approvals, but rather adventurous kids ready to build forts for cats in the park.

Projects that made us who we are

What is a Pilot Project? Something small and specific which catalyzes change in a large way.

Pilot Projects was born out of our past experiences - which have proved to us that small yet innovative interventions can lead to monumental change. Here are some of our stories that paved the way for our current work:

sketch of the 3D sandbox

Sandbox: The origin of a new tool: 2M square feet., 3000 employees, and 25 execs negotiating workspace allocation in a locked room.

a sketch of the booths of the Steam Cafe at MIT

Steam Cafe: A story of how food met tech to solve the problem of lackluster campus dining — and get people talking and bonding.

Sketch drawing of the

Idea Room: How a siloed organization created a glass conference room, and siloes (not the glass) shattered.

News Desk thumb

News Desk: A story about a mandate from a producer: “no technology on the table.”

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