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Power Playground

Heath and energy—no two issues could be more important or timely. Americans today face growing health issues – obesity, heart disease and diabetes – due to inactivity. Meanwhile, even though energy costs and awareness are increasing, we consume more energy per-person than almost any other nation in the world.

Power Playground is designed to help change these trends with an outdoor exercise and energy station: a fun/ctional kinetic sculpture that promotes public health, energy conservation and increased awareness of both. It is a modular human-powered air compressor that anyone can use – and everyone will want to try.

When you spend hours every day on the road, finding a place to exercise is tough. Power Playground is a “human-powered air-compressor” that invites travelers to play, work-out and experience a flow of energy – while providing free compressed air to travelers who pull-in behind them. While highway sites (travel plazas and rest stops) are our first target, we are also creating an urban model for bus stop and park areas, designed to provide compressed air to cyclists along adjacent bike lanes.

Exercise that Makes Energy  / Steam Punk Machinery / Tougher Truckers / Better Tire Pressure

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