Can an everyday fashion accessory be re-conceptualized as a shape shifter?

The Handbag Reimagined

Even before the word "handbag" was coined in the early 1900s, people sought to find a solution to the common everyday need of carrying things. And often it seems that the best handbags are able to serve us practically and aesthetically. They satisfy a desire to communicate status and style, to merge function with fashion.

As designers, we realize that innovation doesn't always require creating something entirely new, but simply rethinking what's already out there. And so Pilot Projects wondered: Can we add another ability to the handbag's value bundle--one that offers the user more control over the bag's size, shape, and appearance? After some extensive hand-sketching, Research & Design intern Anne Chen was asked to bring the design concept from sketch to physical form, and then to create a marketing strategy. Anne documented her design process in order to share her results and learning experiences.



"Besides the various new skills I learned and the extremely hands-on nature of this project, one of the greatest things I gained from the experience was the intern-mentor interactions with Pilot Projects." explains Anne. This included regular meetings with Pilot Projects founder and The Handbag Reimagined design concept creator Scott Francisco to critique prototypes, generate marketing approaches, and discuss design trajectories. For more information on internships with Pilot Projects, please visit our People page.









Click here (PDF) to view the full report.

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