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Services and Sectors

We thrive in the complexity of real-world problems where diverse systems interconnect and overlapp. Our services are designed to embrace the messy mix of people, spaces, communities, policies and infrastructures to create goal surpassing outcomes. Our clients range in size and cut across many sectors, from large corporations and pubic agencies to small non profits and entreprenuers.


1. Inclusive Place-Making

Authentic stakeholder participation and buy-in have enormous advantages for achieving real change. This applies to public spaces and streetscapes as much as to corporate workplaces. Pilot Projects is the industry leader in crafting the tools and processes that draw useful content from participants. Our services provide playful and educational activities that draw on interests of all participants, frame the context and constraints of the challenge, then lead the way through a bargaining process. Inclusive Place Making services may include:

  • Background research and preparation - surveys, measurements, case studies
  • Community Workshop - comprehensive design and facilitation
  • SANDBOX tools and activities
  • Iterative outcome reports
  • Follow-up meetings
  • Synthesized recommendations for moving forward

2. Comprehensive Design

The core of what we do is helping people create new things, from an idea to physical reality. This is an iterative process that requires multiple modes of detailed communication, like drawings, models and specifications, that help bring all stakeholders into allignment. This ranges from city officials and contractors to the owners and other end users. Comprehensive design services may include:

  • Context Analysis - site conditions, applicable regulations, demographics
  • Schematic Design - exploring multiple aproaches to a probem
  • Design Development - fleshing out the implications of a particular scenario, costing etc.
  • Specification Documents - whatever is needed to move the project forward through aprovals construction or implementation
  • Supervision and change management

Project Incubation and Design

Project Incubation addresses multi-layered systems challenges. These are typically urban projects whose impetus is the desire for a more livable, equitable and beautiful city. Meeting these challenges requires addressing a messy tangle of physical infrastructure constraints, legacy programs, communications strategy and relationship-building. Project incubation services include:

  • stakeholder engagement
  • problem discovery and definition
  • concept sketches, design exploration and review
  • detailed design development
  • systems design: services, funding models, operations and staffing
  • presentation deliverables

Design: Products and Spaces

These are focused design efforts around specific hardware and infrastructure needs. Concepts may be brought to us by a client looking for assistance with development, or a client may present us with a design problem that we're asked to solve from scratch and complete in toto.

  • concept exploration
  • prototyping and fabrication
  • research: consumer, materials and production
  • manufacturing specifications and contract documents

Consulting Services

A flexible menu of services gives clients the design and management support they need to increase productivity and facilitate critical conversations. When it comes to serving as cheer leader or traffic cop at the intersection of organizational culture and innovation, our process brings a range of methodologies and pilot project strategies.

  • participatory design / facilitation process with decision makers
  • project development and management
  • organizational development and workplace strategy
  • documents and data visualization: drawings, diagrams, reports etc.

How We Bill

Pilot Projects Design Collective bills hourly or by fixed-price proposal. Estimated hours, target price or “not to exceed” budgets can be provided when applicable. Our billing rates vary depending on project type. We also undertake a certain number of pro bono and reduced fee projects each quarter. Pilot Projects Foundation also funds a limited number of approved projects each year.

Please contact us for more information, hourly rates, or to initiate a project proposal.

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