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Culturestructure Award 2014

Culturestructure Award: Motor City Detroit

Past Speaking Engagements:


“Forests As Capital” Annual Conference of the International Society of Tropical Foresters, Yale Chapter

Pilot Projects and its partners in the Brooklyn Bridge Forest were finalists in the Innovation Prize for outstanding ideas and concepts in financing tropical forest conservation. The Brooklyn Bridge Forest team presented the project before a panel of judges and conference attendees. 



2013 MAS Summit for New York City

New York City needs leaders that will cultivate opportunity and nurture innovation in all spheres. This year’s Summit themes were Innovation and Leadership, driving a discussion of building a globally competitive city that is socially, economically and environmentally resilient. Scott Francisco presented Brooklyn Bridge Forest and 100 Fountains.  See a video of the presentation


IAM Inhabit

A gathering of creatives from a variety of disciplines to share ideas and issues related to their artistic and spiritual practices.



IIDEX, Toronto

"Envisioning Adaptation: Design as a Bridge to a Sustainable Future"

Are we simply solving today’s problems, or truly designing for the future? Value-engineering efficient solutions for today’s office space often results in functional but ultimately disposable environments... Starting now we must design for both today’s volatile market and a future that we can only assume will treat energy and waste in a very different way than we do today.  For sustainability to have real traction in the world of interior furniture, fixtures, and finishes, we need design to perform exceptionally in today’s competitive market, and avoid obsolescence and landfill in an unknown future. This will require a shift in thinking that permeates through our industry.


Work Revolution Summit

The Innovation Paradox: Do our products of innovation lead to an innovative culture?


Young Executives of the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce

Craftsmanship, Culture and Technology in Workplace Strategy: Building a Creative and Efficient Environment For Your Company

A conversation with workplace design and strategy experts:

  • Scott Francisco, Pilot Projects Design Collective
  • Sara Matiz, MAD
  • Filippo Soave, Perkins and Will

Is craftsmanship relevant in our technological age? Does it impact organization culture and workplace design? How can productive organizations be supported by design?  As Italian traditions intersect with contemporary business process, are craftsmanship and technology at odds with each other? What does a workplace look like that supports both craftsmanship and a streamlined business model? Details here.


Social Enterprise Boot Camp at Columbia NYU and SVA

"Sustainability and Social Enterprise"
Dr. Sara Minard and Scott Francisco


Tribal Gathering for the Corporate World, Sundance, UT

"A Tale of Two Hammers: Workplace, Tools and Organization-Craft”
Scott Francisco. Sept,  2012


International Jacques Ellul Society Annual Conference

“Jacques Ellul and the Lightsaber: The Cultural Potential of Inefficient Techniques”
Scott Francisco. July 2012


Greater and Greener: Reimagining Parks for 21st Century Cities, NYC

“Using Technology to Persuade People and Bring in the Dollars”
Yasmin Fodil. July 2012


NEOCON Chicago

“Envisioning Adaptation: Design as a Bridge to a Sustainable Future”
Scott Francisco. May 2012


WorkTech New York City 2012

Scott Francisco, Chair. May 2012


WX - Executive Women in New York City Real Estate

“The Workplace of the Future; Double Visions”
Scott Francisco. December 2011


Harvard Institute for English Language Programs

“Social Media in the Middle East: Why Now, What’s Next?”
Yasmin Fodil. July 2011


Buildex Seattle

"16th Century Spice Trade: Ships, Organizations and Cargo”
Scott Francisco. 2009


Construct Canada

“Design for Change; "Obscure Dependencies”
Scott Francisco. 2008-9


IFMA International Facilities Management Association

“In Pursuit of the Creative Workplace”
Scott Francisco. 2005


International Conference on Communities and Technologies, Milan

Communities vs. Networks
Scott Francisco. 2005


Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture

“Material Revolution”
Scott Francisco. 2002


HGTV: This Small Space

Segment on Toronto Loft-Conversion Project.
Scott Francisco. 1998

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