Writing, teaching, and speaking engagements are an important part of our work. We publish on topics related to design, organizational culture, workplace, innovation, and urban infrastructure. We also present at conferences and moderate discussion panels.



Wood at Work 2016

International leaders met to discuss wood as a link between development and conservation.


Craftsmanship meets innovation at Eigenworks

A virtual company gets physical.


Communities of Practice: Using systems thinking to co-create a better world

Collaboration is vital to solving the world's most difficult problems. Can better collaboration be designed?




Scott Francisco & Jessica Robinson on Green Garages

Bonfires of Social Enterprise podcast


Communities of Practice Make Perfect

Creativity Labs podcast

Past Speaking Engagements:


UN FAO Rome: “Sustainable Wood for a Sustainable World”

Scott will be presenting in this global forum on his ten years of work and research on the connection between urban wood sourcing and community forest conservation at the global scale, including: Wood at Work, Brooklyn Bridge Forest, The Future of Forest Work, C40 F40


World Design Summit: Wood as a Focal Thing: Catalyzing a conservation design culture in an era of technocracy

Design is a culture-building activity: while offering new infrastructures for daily life, it “leads change” in our patterns of thinking, communication, skills and symbols.

For millennia wood has offered human civilizations and cultures a material to build “things”, from ships and dwellings to tools, musical instruments and even cities. The primary material for many built environments, wood demands a world of relationships, skills and knowledge that span from forest to workshop and building site.

In this symposium, I draw on expertise and findings from Wood at Work (woodatwork.nyc), a transdisciplinary community of practice I founded in 2015 that brings together leaders in conservation, forestry, industry innovation, architecture, and urban planning. Together, our mission is to advance the role of wood globally in urban construction, forest conservation, and climate discourse by focusing on the links between sustainable wood use, and the strategies that make sourcing this wood truly beneficial to global conservation efforts and human well-being.


GROW: Cultivating the Next Generation of Architectural Leaders, Center for Architecture

GROW was a one-day symposium in November 2015 geared toward emerging leaders and mid-career architects seeking inspiration and knowledge. Scott Francisco was invited to speak on the topic of "business structure."

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