Featured Writings:


Developing an interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral community of practice in the domain of forests and livelihoods

Scott Francisco (co-author)
Original Publication: Conservation Biology, July 7, 2017


Can the global environment afford NYC social housing built of concrete and steel?

Scott Francisco
Original Publication: LinkedIn, June 21, 2017


Double Visions:
How Trends and Leaders Shape the Workplace of the Future

Scott Francisco
Original Publication: Office Insight, September 2011, pg 15


Gimme Some Slack!
Can Design Save us from Efficiency?

Scott Francisco
Original Publication: Contract Design Magazine, June 2011, pg 72

The design and consulting industry have become addicted to “picking up slack” ... eliminating inefficiencies that can be “measurably reduced”. But the best business thinkers today believe that slack is essential to innovation and a sustainable economy. Can the design industry get past our dead-end obsession with short-term efficiency and begin nurturing some "slack" before it’s too late?


The Consulting Advantage

Ernest Beck
IIDA Journal, Spring 2011, pg 25


The Innovation Paradox:
How Innovation Products Threaten the Innovation Process

Scott Francisco
Original Publication: Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture, Vol 10, 2 Nov 2010

Innovation outputs may appear prolific and encouraging today - but will this last?  This paper proposes that certain cognitive and cultural attributes vital to innovation, creativity, risk-taking and complex problem-solving skills, are themselves at risk... The conflict between innovation 'products' and 'process' is the Innovation Paradox.


Place: A Strategy for Organizational Success

Scott Francisco
Office Insight, 2 Nov 2009


Scott Francisco’s Sandbox: He’s Not Just Playing Around

Brad Powell
Office Insight, 12 Oct 2009


The Workplace: a Wicked Problem

Scott Francisco
DEGW Insights, 2008


The Way We Do Things Around Here

Scott Francisco
American Behavioral Scientist, Volume 50 Number 7 March 2007


“MIT’s Steam Café”

Scott Francisco
Educause - Learning Spaces: Chapter 27  2006


Useable Space: Culture Versus Technique in the Pursuit of Design

Scott Francisco
SMArchS Thesis: M.I.T., August 2005
A study was carried out to explore methods for improving the understanding and practice of design as a means of self-discovery, intersubjective dialogue and cultural development. Using MIT as a laboratory and case study...


Food for Thought: A new dining option on campus

Courtney Humphries
MIT Technology Review
The cafe is the brainchild of architecture graduate student Scott Francisco, who wanted to bring the concepts of open-source software–in which programmers share and build on each other’s ideas–to food service on campus.


Dialogic Tectonic: Autonomy and the Dialogical Model for Collaboration and Architecture

Scott Francisco
M.I.T. (SMArchS, Faculty Colloquium: Frontiers in Architecture and Engineering)
Harvard (Anthropology 104, Language and Culture), Jan 2004

This paper began with a question raised about the notorious and inevitable relationship between
Architects and Engineers: How do these professions work together in the overlapping worlds of
building and design, and more importantly, how should they?

It seemed at first that ‘answers’ would have to be constructed in a form other than an academic
paper. A novel, for instance, or a TV program (say a follow-up to Law and Order called Form and
.) Maybe a morning radio talk-show, or an advice column in the New York Times––a
place where the two professions could confront one another and vent their frustrations and hopes in
glorious public anonymity––gossip on the airwaves, or in print. The self-help book might also have
been a workable genre, perhaps: “Architects are from Jupiter, Engineers are from Voyager-II”.
Surely I could have written, directed or produced any one of these instead of a paper. After all,
don’t we each have our fantasies of stepping out of ourselves, and the parts we are asked to
play? But in the end we must all return to our prescribed roles, and tow the line of ‘professional
expectations’, as I will shortly as an ‘academic’. Or do we?


Vertical Village: Culture Versus Technique in High-Rise Public Housing

Scott Francisco
2004, Advanced Seminar in City Form, MIT


What is a School Culture?

Scott Francisco
Pinup MIT, 2004


Material Revolution:
Re(dis)covered Paradigms for a Transformational Relationship Between Architecture, Education and Culture

Scott Francisco
Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture - Proceedings, 2002
M.I.T. NotToScale, 2003


One Man’s Trek Through the Everglades

Scott Francisco
The Toronto Star, page J5 April 29, 1989